About Us

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

Join us! We’ve created this website for the Guilford community and for others who find themselves passing through. Our goal is to provide a single place that meets everyone’s needs: to find local events and things to do, to get help where we need it, to learn some town history, to frequent local businesses and restaurants, to access municipal information and to connect people to people, socially or to lend a helping hand.

This is a community work in progress. We welcome all contributions: ideas, event listings, photographs, clubs, groups, additional organizations – and most of all suggestions! We know there is lots more information that can be shared. Join us! Help us create this space because “together we can do so much”.

Leslie Krumholz

Peter Olausson PhD

Leslie Krumholz and Peter Olausson are the co-founders of GoodStreets, a Guilford-based startup that is working with local businesses to help bring innovation to Main Street. They are both proud residents who love Guilford and want to be sure that it continues to thrive and maintain its unique character.

This community website is the result of lots of conversations with other local residents, business owners and town leaders: to create a place to land when looking for just about anything in town. “When we started GoodStreets, we were concerned about keeping downtown Guilford vibrant with a strong business community – what we’ve learned is that there is lots more to the story. Along with successful businesses, a united community that supports their local businesses and is also well informed and connected to every aspect of our town and its people is what ultimately will help us thrive and celebrate into the future”.

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